The Beautiful Struggle


My exhibition in China 7/15/2017-8/1/2017

There is so much struggle to be a mom. My project of this semester is telling a story about motherhood. 

The lotus is the symbol of purity and virtuousness. as it has a very culture connotation for me. I chose it as the main element of my project.

In the body of ceramic and paper 3D works, I made lotus flowers, lotus pods,lotus and leaves to represent each family of the community. The lotus pond is the community where we live. It records the life cycle of humans,birth(root)-growing up(flower)-pregnancy(lotus pod)-who gives birth to baby(seed).

Then, I extracted key elements from the lotus pond to develop my works.The paper lotus was inspired by the lotus pods without seeds,It brings forth a feeling of being left out. They tell off my experience of postnatal depression. This piece asks the viewer pay close attention to postpartum mother through it.

In another piece, I took the lotus stems to represent the power of life by ceramic. I used this piece to encourage every mom to be brave and tough.